No Legislation Required

The plebeians weren’t asked for their opinions on whether or not they wanted to get locked up for using cannabis back when the sadists decided to outlaw it. So why are they so interested in our thoughts on the matter now? A better example to set would be to just stop being unnecessary fascist arseholes.

The appointed lying creeps in parliament love furiously waving their arms about pushing their dubious puritan agenda to try and keep the moral panic alive and paranoid. The narrative they conservatively paint is that drugs illegalised by the state not very long ago might negatively impact on your life, so that’s a good reason to ruin your life if you are caught having anything to do with them. Well… no it isn’t.

Recent snapshot of prohibition supporter surveying the neighbourhood looking for reasons to call the police.

Finally now, after a century or so of legislated brutality and destruction, enough people agree that this backward harmful attitude is thoroughly deplorable. And that the arguments for continuing to possess it are nonsensical and absurd. So what’s the totalitarian response? To try and seem magnanimous with a heroically democratic offer to let the plebs decide. And when will this happen? Not now, later. Maybe we combine it with the next election so we can increase the general voter turnout (heh heh heh). Get the fuck out of town with obvious fake generosity you miserable sarcastic bums.

If we participate in this referendum we inadvertently condone the possible result of a majority vote in favour of communities continuing to be torn apart by the existing criminal creation program. And if we don’t participate we run the risk of exactly that continuance happening. Gee whiz thanks a lot.

Government didn’t need anyone’s permission when it took away our freedom and it doesn’t need anyone’s permission to return it.

One thought on “No Legislation Required”

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